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Scale fast with Squads & Team as a Service

We provide top talent for tech companies that doesn't have the time or headspace to hire in-house.

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Specialties: Martech, Marketing Analytics, and Lifecycle Marketing.

How Team as a Service works:
1. You let us know what you need (we can help you figure it out if you're not sure)
2. We either scout or allocate our own talent
3. You interview the chosen candidate
4. The talent joins your team

We handle everything hiring-wise so you can focus on growing your company. Get in touch to know more about how can we help you scale.

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The app industry's favourite data hub. Easy App Reports is the  only platform in the market to connect both App Store and Google Play data in one place. For the first time, app companies can unlock the insights they need to unlock new layers of growth and save 280+ hours of manual work annually. Visit website.





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